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Einstein's Nobel prize

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    Its a well known fact the Einstein didn't recieve his nobel prize for Relativity but instead he got it for his work on the photo-electric effect. Why is this? Is it because Relativity was less creative than photo-electric effect?
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    In my opinion it was due to the direct connection with experiment of the pohoto-electric effect. The Nobel committee then and now is suspicious of theory that doesn't tie to experiment. You will find that many quantum theorist's prizes (Pauli, Born) were delayed a long time until unmistakeable evidence for theose crazy quantum ideas turned up in the labs.
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    *** Einstein's Nobel prize:- SR/GR vs. QM ***

    Politically Correct Answer:

    SR/GR is about basic Mathematics (e.g. Speed = c iff Mass = 0)


    QM is about Fundamental Physics (e.g. photo-electric effect)...

    So, Einstein's Nobel prize is associated with QM, instead of SR/GR.


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    Chi Meson

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    THe Nobel committee is not allowed to present prizes posthumously, otherwise Al would definately have received a second prize. It is speculated that his unfavorable (and unfair) attachment to "the bomb" deferred his selection for a few crucial years (the Nobel comittee is still somewhat political). I don't think that there is any direct evidence of his being eschewed.
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