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Einstein's problem with entanglement and separability in QM vs GR

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    Hi guys i was reading about Einstein's problem with the non-separability of the wavefunction in QM and the lack of a counterpart in GR. I am wondering if anyone can shed more light on this

    In QM entangement means that the wavefunction and probability is not insuperable into the sum individual parts.
    Although i think the probabilities can also be diffrent than the sum of the parts if the wave-function is separable, so it would seem to be more than the measurable, i might be wrong, i need to check this.

    Anyway, Einstein's big problem with QM was exactly this point precisely because it conflicted with his GR theory. In GR, correct me if i am off there is infantesimal seperability of the solutions whch represent the stresses in the fields, and which is not like QM. I know that at each point in sp. there is a tensor that defines the gravity at that point.

    In QM the sum can be more than the parts as for example an entangled pair can have a smaller entropy than an entangled pair.

    I was wondering if you had heard more about this and what the hell separability actually means in GR.
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