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Einstein´s work ion Unified Field Theory

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    I know that Einstein dedicated the end of his life working on this topic. Do anybody knows what exactly did his theory was about, and if it is connected somehow with modern unified therories?
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    Have a look at the appendix of the 5th ed. of the Meaning of Relativity, by Einstein himself. There you will find his final version. It is a theory of the assymetric metric. It introduces Torsion and the spirit as well as some results can be found in the more modern "theories".

    Einstein put it there because it was rejected for publication by Phys. Rev. as being too mathematical and insufficently physical. So he published it in his relativity book and got a far wider audience than Phys. Rev. could have given. A glance at Phys. Rev. D shows they have abandoned that policy!!! Einstein went ballistic. How could referees stand between an author and his public? Why should referees undemocratically see work before the public? Apparently there were no referees for the relativity papers in Annalen der Physic. I can imagine the referee's report on the Special Relativity paper: "What the author fails to realize is that a meter is a meter and a second is a second and they cannot depend on the state of motion. This work must be rejected"
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    I've been looking for more information on this too but have found very little. Only general things like how mass is merely a field of very hight density and energy less high density. I guess. Anyway how do we get "5th ed. of the Principle of Relativity"?

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    It used to be available as a Princeton Univerity Paperback and was always very cheap. I screwed up. "the Principle of Relativity" is a Dover Paperback and has the early relativity papers in it with notes by Sommerfeld. Einstein's book is "The Meaning of Relativity" and the 5th ed has his final theory. Anyone serious about relativity should get both books. They were and are very popular. You should be able to find lots of cheap second hand copies in a used book store. Check out the online bookstores if you haven't any local bookshops.
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    James Shifflet at Washington University in St. Louis has revived work in Einstein's Unified theory, which he combines with Schroedinger's very similar theory. See his home page for this: http://www.einstein-schrodinger.com/.
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