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El Nino 2016 -- Philippines

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    I didn't expect that this year will be too hot here in the Philippines... D:

    Welp.... Here's an update :https://web.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/index.php/climate/climate-advisories [Broken]

    Is climate change taking effect here? I guess so.

    Will somebody care for an ice cream? lol
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    El Niño has been around for over a hundred years, long before climate change was fashionable. It was first noticed by fisherman off the coast of
    Peru when the waters would warm annually around late December near the birthday of The Child. Later, meteorologists noted a correlation between ocean warming and weather extremes due to oceanic-atmospheric interaction influencing the jet stream every 3 or 4 years resulting in weather extremes. Some scientists expect these extremes in both warm weather hurricanes and cold weather winter storms to increase in both intensity and frequency. I have no insight on this. But I sure coul use an ice cream, thanks!
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    jim mcnamara

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    From wikipedia
    There is evidence that these kinds of cycles have existed in the far past: and there are climatic cycles that have very long periods like the Milankovitch cycle. These cycles have also been described for other planets - Example Mars:

    Schorghofer, Norbert 2008. "Temperature response of Mars to Milankovitch cycles". Geophysical Research Letters 35 (18)

    The idea here is that the axial tilt and the eccentricity of the a planet's orbit "conspire" to change input from the sun in polar regions over long period of time. The period of the Milankovitch cycle has some complex elements with a nice explanation:

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