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Aerospace El Nino and plane crashes

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    I go to college in LA but I live in the SF Bay Area and will be flying between San Jose and LAX numerous times in the next six months, probably in small Boeing 737's.

    Does El Nino, which is known to cause stormy weather in the Western US, increase the risk of plane crashes?

    By the way, I've asked this question on another forum just to get as much feedback as possible. Also, I'm not sure if 'Aerospace Engineering' is the right forum for a place like this, so the mods may end up moving it.
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    Not historically no. there are so few plane crashes of commercial flights these days that the stats aren't worth anything.

    If you want reassurance, Ca in El Nino is still better weather than most of the US for the rest of the year and there's nothing wrong with 737s they are statistically by far the safest plane in the skies.

    And finally my deepest sympathy to anyone who has to fly in-to/out-of/anywhere near LAX in any weather.
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    Which statistically has a higher suicide rate from annoyance then deaths by plane crashes :rofl:
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