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Elastic collisions and glider

  1. Dec 7, 2003 #1
    A glider of mass 0.156kg is moving to the right on a frictionless, horizontal air track with a speed of 0.9m/s . It has a head-on collision with a glider 0.293kg that is moving to the left with a speed of 2.25m/s . Suppose the collision is elastic.

    We've haven't covered elastic collisions in lecture so I have clue how to do this. Any tips or suggestions are VERY welcome.. Thanks
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    Elastic collision have the unique situation that energy is conserved. So the way to attack this problem is to use the conservation of energy along with the conservation of linear momentum. I am assuming that you are to find the final velocities of the two gliders after the collision? So you will have 2 equations(conservation of energy and momentum) with 2 unknowns (the final speeds of the 2 gliders), and therefore the problem is able to be solved using this method.
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