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Elastic collisions between unequal masses. Is it enough to know 'λ,v and m1/m2' ?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    if m1 and m2 (m1= m2, (vm1 = 4m/s)) collide at an angle λ (60°) we can fully predict oucome:
    angles (60° and 30°) and speeds (2 and 3.46)

    can we predict the outcome if we know that m1/m2 = 3/ 5 ?
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    we can break the motion into X-Y axis.
    for this let particle 1 is coming along +Y axis so particle 2 2ill be at 60 degree from it.
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    If I got it right: it is possible.!

    (I know it makes things easier to consider m1 as moving on one axis.I prefer +X)

    I asked because in all sites they said
    'if you know what is v'1 or v'2 you can calc all other data'
    while I knew that it is very easy and simple and quick to get all data
    knowing only

    v(m1) = 4 m/s (along the X-axis)
    m1/ m2 = 3/5 ( m1), angle 60°

    Thank you sir!
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