Elastic Solids question

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The deepest point in any ocean is in the Mariana Trench, which is about 11 km deep, in the Pacific. The pressure at this depth is huge, about 1.13 108 N/m2. (Take the bulk modulus of seawater to be 2.34 109 N/m2)
(a) Calculate the change in volume of 1.2 m3 of seawater carried from the surface to this deepest point.
(b) The density of seawater at the surface is 1.03 103 kg/m3. Find its density at the bottom.

2. Relevant equations
B = changeP/(changevolume/Vinitial)

or change_volume = Vinitial(change_p)/B

3. The attempt at a solution
im not sure if for part a i just plug in the numbers they give..im getting like .0579 m^3 but that's wrong
any help?


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How did one determine that 0.0579 m3 is the wrong answer. Perhaps it should also have a - sign to indicate a decrease in volume, but the magnitude is right.
ok yea it was -.0579 im sorry
do you know how to do part b?
nvm..i got part b
thanks for your help

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