Elasticity in equilibrium

I have conjured up a theory, which thanks to one of the great members here 'Infinitetime' showed me that it was already theorized by a physicist in the 1600's. I cannot remember his name, and made the foolish mistake of not bookmarking it. But his theory was almost identical to mine, and I can honestly with my hand on my heart say I had never heard of the guy, or the theory of itself. I was merely thinking and it came to me. Here is a zip file with a .doc file explaining my theory (with diagrams) and a file which those with 'Crocodile Physics' can open up for a more visual/animated description.

I just wish to ask all of you superior intellects, as I am a junior and my accumen of Physics is still relatively small, how close to the truth am I, and does what I theorize, really make any sense?

http://www.gtacentral.com/dom/momeq.rar [Broken]

File is .rar, WinRar required to open and extract.

Thanks guys. (Please don't make me feel like a small idiot if I'm wrong/way off, please assist me the best you can, I really want to get great at Physics) :blushing:
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