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Elasticity of annular disc

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    I have an annular disc that looks like the following:


    I need to get the elasticity of the material, since I don't have any information on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can calculate the elasticity?

    Maybe I can get a force/displacement curve by bending the disc (held at the center)? I have equipment to do that. But how can I use that information to get the modulus?

    Any help will be appreciated :)

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi umer_majid, welcome to PF!

    One approach is to model the geometry by finite element analysis, obtain the force/displacement response, and match that to experiment. Another is to find someone to perform nanoindentation on the material to measure its stiffness. Another (destructive) method is to cut out a rectangular section and perform uniaxial testing on it.
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    I dont know the dimensions of your annular disc, but if you only need Young module and the material is not plstic (no linear elasticity) , may be you can try test without cut. Use the clamp to clamping at both sides of one radio.
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