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Elbow Zing

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    Sometimes when I am lifting weights (biceps exercise) I get a "zing" in my elbow, usually my left, and usually when I'm tired or otherwise trying to lift more than is comfortable. It feels like the nerve is being pinched. What might cause this, and how much attention do I need to pay to this?
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    You'll have to define "zing" a little better. Is it painful and/or does it last for an extended period of time after the initial onset? If so, you might want to see your physician.

    A couple of other things to think about, did you just start lifting weights, or is this a new occurrence in a history of weight lifting. Are you doing free weights or using a machine? Since you mentioned it happens when you are tired or overexerting my guess is that you have fatigued the biceps and other muscle groups you are targeting and then, in order to complete the reps, you may be slightly and unconsciously changing your range of motion which recruits different muscles and joint orientation to compensate for the tired ones. This shift in style may "tweak some nerves" because your arm is not used to, or built to, function under a heavy load with that muscles/joint combination. This may be more of a problem with free weights due to the greater freedom of movement.

    Really focus on the technique and the muscles you are trying to work, rather than going through the motions to get through the set. And again, don't hesitate to see the doc if you are still concerned, you don't want to be setting yourself up for injury.
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    Well, I don't try to work specific muscles. It seems like it makes more sense to use your body the way it is designed to work; your muscles are not designed to work in isolation.

    Yes, they are free weights. I have been lifting them for a few years and have gotten this zing occassionally over most of that time. It is painful, but it does not persist. It is in the same location as, and feels very similar to, hitting your "funnybone."

    I think that the reason you describe is probably the truth. The main muscles get tired so auxiliary muscles kick in and don't do quite as well.
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