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ElctronHole and PositronHole

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    Hi,all, I am curies in know what if a electron-hole meet a positron-hole, what will happen??

    (positron hole can be made from taking a positron away from a bunch of positron)

    Thanks in advance!
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    It's just confusion about what those things are I guess. An electron hole is not a 'thing' really. It's just a place a free electron could go (where, for example an atom wants more electrons than it has). In this way we could imagine a positron hole as an anti-atom who wants more positrons to orbit it. So, if those atoms got close they would annihilate, but the fact that they have electron/positron 'holes' (missing some orbiting electrons/positrons) would do nothing.
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    Thanks for replay James Leighe.

    I was thinking like what you said before actually. But I found that most of the time mathematical ''imagined'' object do really exsit, so I am start to wondering this question.
    Also, sometimes, object's behaviours can really create particles, like phonon is created by latis vibration which is so strange to me..

    Again, thinking in terms of wavefunction rather than particle?
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    Phonon is just a way of saying 'traveling physical disturbance in a solid', it's photons that carry that disturbance (through their interaction with electrons).
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