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Elders & youth: your advice for each other

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    My laundry list as an "elder" near 45: Love one another, abstain from drugs, exercise mind & body, channel stress, be strong in peace, strive for success, leave a legacy, lead yourself, persevere, stay youthful, keep hope, consider God, and respect the disabled - caregivers - the very old - the very young - and new adults.
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    do whatever feels right for you. live and work to be happy, there's no glory in suffering. the golden rule works. do not be affraid to make mistakes, they are the best teachers.

    live this moment as if it were the last. do not take yourself or this world too seriously. laff as often as you can.

    you can't take it with you so use it; excessive savings accounts only make bankers rich.

    above all else, love and respect yourself.

    life half over at 63, peace,
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    Your peak satisfaction may well occur in the contemplation of an idea or the performance of a job, but no idea or job will ever give you as much satisfaction over time as people can. Try to have a family; seeing your kids grow, and experiencing them as adults is a joy, but the best part of having kids is having grandkids!
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    The universe has this awesome property, if you want someting bad enough, you will get it. So careful what you ask for. The simple things are the best, fot it is they that endure. Find youself in a smile, be the strength when none can be found. Stare into the blackness of the night sky and find all that there is. Nothing lasts forever, but there is a time for all things, so honor that time. When you act upon this planet, think of the children and think of the future you may have to come back and pay the debt on that credit card.
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    Be your own self and remember the shadow of your father.
    Think big and you will be.
    Help others who are not as fortunate as you are.
    Wisdom lies in humility.
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    There is one thing that I have learned over and over, and will probably learn several more times before I've successfully conditioned myself:
    Respect your elders. You may be 105% sure that you are right, but odds are, they are still right. The irony is that you won't realize it until later. Don't just blow off what they say, they have probably been in your exact situation before, and probably made the exact same mistake as you. It's hard to believe when you're in a heated debate about something you really want to do, but you must clear your head and think about what they said. Learn from their mistake and you are free from making it yourself! On the other hand, maybe they did a few too many hits of LSD in the 60's and what they're saying will haunt you for all eternity if you let it. =)

    Ok, there's my advice for the young. Now for the old. Don't hold the world to your standards. Society changes, conditions change, and so must our idea of what is acceptable. Music is the prime example, elders are always complaining about how horrible the latest music is. They always have and always will. Don't fall into the same closed-minded way of thinking! Instead, try relating to the latest ideals in some way. After all, it was the foundation your generation created that the new generation is being built on. If you don't like it, you have only your peers to blame, not the social or musical expressions that are a result of those actions.
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