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Electic magnetic stuff

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    HEy everyone ... i am a junior in high school, and wondering if any of you could give me an idea for a science fair project dealing with Electric Magnents.

    Thanx everyone
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    you could build a motor? i dont know if its large scale enuf for a high school student but its electromagnetic
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    What i am looking into doing is working on creating an Inductrack and talk about the different means of propulsion
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    yea, forget that amd just build an emp. then use it and destoy everyones's eletonic projects that just leaves he kids who built a volvano or a mobile of our soloar system, you will beat then
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    If you use a car stereo amplifier to power a dc motor, the driveshaft of the motor will twitch and actually play the music. Always thought that was kinda cool. I think an AC motor would actually rotate normally.

    But the inductrack thing sounds cool to. Seem kind of difficult. You would need a type of flexible metal. You're talking about the same concept as a slot car right? Or do you mean more technical like the electromagnetic trains?

    I'd probably look for some kind of liquid metal that is also magnetic. another option would be using metal clothes hangers. I'm not sure how you would go about building the vehicle, but probably a trip down the toy isle at walmart would land you a vehicle you could attach some magnets to the bottom of and ride on each side of the coat hanger track. Probably some thick balsa wood may prove good enough for a track to mount the hanger on.

    Hmm. Remember trying to make elctromagnets and getting burned by the would be magnet, so be carefull with that too.
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    hi ... i am lookin into the "Inductrack" concept ... it uses permenant magnents in a halbach array to levitate over coils ... the only problem with this is i don't know what to do for the coils .... could any of you help me with that.

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