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Electical energy

  1. Oct 5, 2006 #1
    A platinum wire having a resistance 4.85 ohms at 20degree C
    is used to heat a liquid. the resistance of wire 5.97ohms after a cetain time. Determine the temperature of the liquid.

    please help me to answer this.
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    Looks like you need to find out the resistivity of platinum versus temperature. What does a google search tell you? What are likely websites that you could go to to find that info? Or if you're old like me, what reference book would you pull down off the bookshelf to look it up?
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    this is the formula

    R2 = R1 [ 1 + a(▲ t)] = 5.97ohms

    the equation look loke this?

    R2 = 4.85 [ 1 + .0038(20-x)] = 5.97ohms

    i have some difficulties to find the value of x
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    First, double-check whether the temperature is supposed to be in C or K (absolute temp). Second, are you saying that you are having trouble with the algebra, or some other part of the equation?
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