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News Election in Afghanistan

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    In a day of polling that was far more peaceful than was expected, Afghanis were enthusiastic and celebratory about the chance to participate in the political process. But there were problems with the system which prevented people from voting more than once, and all of Karzai's 15 opponents have joined to boycott the results. There was also a violent attack on some vehicles which were carrying votes to a counting center that resulted in the deaths of three security people.

    There are still fears that the political process in some provinces, especially in the south, is still too much in the hands of warlords. For example, in one area there were threats that people's houses would be burned if they did not turn out to vote for Karzai. Also, some women who have attempted to gather the signatures necessary to become candidates in next year's parliamentary election have either been punished themselves, or seen their family or supporters punished.

    As counting the votes is expected to take a couple of weeks, and I haven't seen any indication of what process might be used to resolve the controversy, it may be a while before the effects of the election can really be judged.

    However, the overall impression is that many, even most, Afghanis have experienced this as an important and positive day. With any luck, whatever the results of the controversy may be, it will be this sense of the value of participation in political life that will be the most enduring effect of today's election.

    BBC election coverage
    Correspondents' reports from various polling stations
    Overview of the controversy
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    Who has won? I've heard Bin Laden has won the elections!! Oh my God! :rofl:
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