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Electomagnetic oscillation in lc circuit

  1. Nov 19, 2013 #1

    We know that when we connect a charged capacitor to a coil, the capacitor will discharge in the coil that means that the current will flow in the circuit in decreasing manner with respect to time .So an emf will be created in a way that oppose the decrease.
    Bin will has the same direction of Bext that is due to the movement of current in the coil.
    Bin is due to an induced current right?
    But the induced current will contribute in discharging the capacitor,when the capacitor is completely discharged the current must be zero in that instant and so Bext is zero.
    My question is why the capacitor is charged again from where the current came?
    I think the energy of the coil is consumed during the charging of the capacitor not after the capacitor is charged, since Bind is created by the coil during the time of charging of the capacitor ?
    I'm really confused , this is due to the big misunderstanding of the concept.
    I would appreciate it if anybody can explain briefly what is happening and how electromagnetic oscillation occurs in lc circuits
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