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Homework Help: Electostatics question

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    this is a true/false question:
    Metatllic vessel-to-shore bonding cables are connected to oil tankers.
    >>> I don't understand what "Metatllic vessel-to-shore bonding cables" means.
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    When tied to a pier, boats of all kinds use some sort of rope or cable. The statement is saying that for oil tankers, cables made of metal are used.
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    It is common practise to earth the fuel pipes used to put gas into the tanks of automobiles in order to prevent the buildup of electrostatic charge which could create a spark. Mooring an oil tanker with a metal cable will earth it and reduce the chances of electrostatic discharges occurring.
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    Sorry, I should have mentioned that I do not know for shure whether oil tankers are moored with cables or rope.

    That being said another point to consider is the fact that sea water is a rather good conductor. This means that the tanker will be earhted anyway so that it is most likely unnecessary to use cables.
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    I 've got it! Thank you to you all!
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