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Electric and Magnetic Fields

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    If a charged particle moves at a constant velocity in a straight line through a region of space, is the electric field and/or magnetic field in the region zero?
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    If a charged particle moves at constant velocity, in a straight line, what is its acceleration? What, then is the force on it? What does that tell you about the electric and magnetic forces and fields?
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    So, no forces?
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    wait, according to the equation F=qvBsin theta .....can't there still be a magnetic force?
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    oh wait nvm i got it lol
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    what is another condition for constant velocity or it going in the straight line. if theres an electric field pulling it up and a magnetic field pulling it down...
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    To sum it up,either both are absent,or present,but with perfectly balanced effects adding (as vectors) to zero.

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