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Electric Arc

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    good day, this place is great, and i just got questions

    an AC electric arc furnace melts metal by way three electrodes and electric arcs generated by potential differences inside the furnace

    i had the opportunity to watch one in action and understanding the programming i see it controls the arc length by voltage selection at the transformer and by current setpoints monitored by way PLC, however, when i saw the schedule of setpoints, both current and voltage, at the heat of the meat, when things are to get real down and dirty and some metal is to be slaughtered madly, the electric arc is at its longest length however the apparent power is at its smallest

    normally the setpoints are:
    315V and 18000A or 5670kW

    but when its suppose to be metaling the most:
    342V and 13000A or 4446kW

    is more heat generated from the actual area of the arc as opposed to the thermal energies delivered by the arcs current
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    any thoughts perhaps?

    what produces the most heat from plasma arc, arc length or current flow?
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