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Electric bicycle

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    im pretty sure a bunch of people have done this before. im wondering if i could modify my own gear bike so that as the wheels spin, they generate electricity and is collected into a battery. then i can turn on a light-weight electric motor so the wheels will either spin on their own or just spin while im pedaling to make it easier

    i only have knowledge of Eng Physics I and Gen Chem I & II and Calc 2. im still learning so i never really put much of the knowledge to practical use yet...

    if anyone has any ideas on how i could do this or anyone who knows a website let me know. i just think this would be a cool thing to have, if hte electric motor and battery doesnt weigh too much
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    You could do it, but keep in mind that any assistance provided by the motor will be more than offset by the excess pedaling that you'll have to do to charge the battery. It might be worthwhile if you live in hilly country and don't mind working harder on the flat sections.
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    Usually electric-assist bicycles plug into the wall to charge for the very reason Danger mentioned: you'll have to work twice as hard when the battery is being charged if you charge it yourself.
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