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Electric Book Needed

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    I want a book about electricity from a to z.Please help.
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    The classic introductory text is Purcell. If you don't know vector calculus, though, I'd recommend you learn that first.

    If you want a simpler text more suited to the high school level, then I'm sure any one of the books titled "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" will cover electricity and magnetism in some detail.

    Other popular books are Griffiths and Jackson, but these are more advanced and require somewhat sophisticated mathematics.
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    If you need to learn basic fundamentals then physics books would be better for you than Electrical Engineering books. Go for any book titled 'Electricity and Magnetism' or high school physics books first.
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    I just like the title of this thread, makes me think of a book with automated page turning or a prank that shocks people when they open it.
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    If you want a non-technical book to start with, here is one for $10 (used versions are even cheaper) that looks pretty nice: https://www.amazon.com/Basic-Electr...8&qid=1377189598&sr=1-11&keywords=electricity. Read this to get a big picture view of electricity and how it is generated/stored/put to use.
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