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Electric charge of a thin rod

  1. Feb 15, 2011 #1
    Electric charge is distributed uniformly along a thin rod of length a, with total charge Q. Take the potential to be zero at infinity. Find the potential at the following points: P is distance x from (0,0) which is the right side of the rod.

    Find the potential at the point P, a distance to the right of the rod.
    already answered

    In part A, what does your result reduce to as x becomes much larger than a?
    answer from A.

    So as x becomes larger than a, (moves toward infinity)V should reduce to zero. The ln's should cancel eachother out, leaving you to multiply by 0. Except 0 is not excepted.
    Ive tried
    According to the software, the answer depends on x, and does not depent on a.
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