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Homework Help: Electric Charges HELP!

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    Could someone help me out on this problem?

    Derive a relation between the potential [itex] V [/itex] and the magnitude of the Field [itex] E [/itex] at a radial distance [itex] r [/itex] from the axis
    of a very long uniformly charged rod of radius [itex] a [/itex] ([itex] r > a [/itex]).
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    I'm not following that properly. At first I would have thought you use Gauss' Law for electrostatics to work out the E field at a point r from the rod and then use E = -dV/dr, but that doesn't seem right :/.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "derive a relation between..." since [itex]\vec E = -\nabla \Phi[/itex] is fundamental.
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