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Homework Help: Electric Circuit

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    What does the slope of a length vs. resistance graph tell you?

    What does the slope of an inverse resistance vs. current graph tell you?


    Here's what I had to do for my lab:

    1: Construct a circuit where I connect a clip onto a wire that allows electricity to flow. Move the clip down the meter stick until you reach 100cm. Result: The farther I moved the clip down the wire the dimmer my light bulb got. The power source was a battery.

    2: Measure and record the voltage of the circuit across the battery - this needs to only to be done once. Result: The voltage stayed the same (I do not know if that is correct).

    3: Instert an ammeter and measure and record in a table the corresponding current (I) at each position (l).

    4: Predict the Resistance (R) at each position.

    5: Construct the following:
    A) Length (l) vs Resistance (R)
    B) Inverse Resistance (1/R) vs Current (I)

    My graphs looked like the following: (If anybody has any recommendations on where to create graphs PLEASE tell me, this site isn't too great.)
    A = http://www.chartgo.com/share.do?id=d886b9a8aa
    B = http://www.chartgo.com/share.do?id=94f8b0fdaa
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    Firstly how does resistance relate to length? (think of resistivity of a material)

    Secondly what does Ohm's law state?
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    1: The greater the length results in more resistance.

    2: Ohm's law: The current passing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference (i.e. voltage drop or voltage) across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them.
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    So what formula relates resistance and length?

    So then you have V = IR, how would you rearrange the formula to get in the form Y=MX where you plotted Y against X?
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