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I am taking an electric circuits course using Intro to Electric Circuits 7th ed. by Dorf/Svoboda. My professor mentioned something about a manual that you can buy that has mainly just a lot of different circuits all worked out for you to study, does anyone know where I can get this because the book is lacking in examples?

That book has a seperate "solutions" guide that includes extra problems that are worked out. If I remember correctly, I found it on amazon.com for around $20.

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Why don't you find out from your professor the title and author(s) of the manual that he mentioned. Then, you could order it from Amazon, or from your school's bookstore. You could also check to see if your school's library has it. If your library has it, you might not need to order it. If your library doesn't have it, you might still be able to get it throught your library's interlibrary loan service. This might give you a copy to look at before an ordered copy arrives.
Thanks guys, I found one on amazon for $13 shipping included!

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