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Homework Help: Electric Circuits Question

  1. Jan 14, 2007 #1

    Well this is my question, its not really homework or anything. Im just curious as to how you would do this. I was thinking that it would change at all. Since in a parallel circuit all the currents add up to the same number. So wouldnt you just divide 24 by 4, then minus 6 from the total I. Then times that by 3 and there you go. Thanks.
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    Could you write out the question please? I can't read that!!
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    Your voltage didn't change, but your resistance changed, so the current has to change.

    The picture is hard to read, but I take it all the resistances are equal and the circuit is broken at P?

    If so, you now have a parallel circuit with three branches instead of four. If you work both equations using R and simplify, the difference between them should be pretty obvious.
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