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Electric control panel >

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    hey ... i am working on Electric control panel for pump

    but the Problem i am new on this Field

    all i know in this Electric control panel is conductor

    please can you help me to find References explain Components of Electric control panel

    or just any one tell me the names of Components

    http://im24.gulfup.com/olfU1.jpg [Broken]
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    hi there
    happy new year :)

    considering that you have confessed to not knowing anything about this panel, you shouldnt even be playing with it without qualified supervision !!

    If you havent already started an electrical trade, then you should be.
    Working with mains voltages and a panel this complex requires that you have suitable qualifications, not only for your safety but the safety of those making use of its functions

    As a result it would be unwise for anyone here to give you just enough info to risk personal injury or property damage

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    hey davenn

    all i need is know the name of Components to learn more about them

    that's it>>>>
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    Google circuit breaker, contactors + auxiliary contacts, relay, main circuit breaker, current transformer.
    thats all I recognizes form your pic.
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    do you mean :

    1- contactors

    2- circuit breaker

    3- auxiliary contacts

    4- current transformer

    5- relay

    am i right ?

    http://im18.gulfup.com/Ik1A1.jpg [Broken]
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    See the imagine

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    thanks dude ... you are the best
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    1 - Motor rated Overload trips
    2 - Miniture circuit breakers (mcb's)
    3 - Cartridge fuse holders
    4 - Contactors
    5 - Auxillary timer unit (Clipped onto a contactor)
    6 - Current transformers
    7 - Plug in relays and bases
    8 - Dinrail mount terminals

    Ps who ever connected this up is a bit of a bodgit IMHO as they used an earth coded cable as a phase wire and 2 generations of colour coding is present within the same unit (incoming blue is on a new colour code cable and represents neutral where-as the panel is wired old colour code hence blue is phase colour), really poor workmanship, as well as derated cable size tapped onto incoming live terminals without fusing down, another worry is where its incoming earthing although may be connected outside of visual field seems to be missing?
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    Good catches, darkwood!
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    Is this part of a "hands-on" school course?
    If his answer to the above is in the affirmative, that would explain a lot. :smile:
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    dlgoff . the thing is i am Student of food process engineering

    but my University force me to work on that Electronic Control Panel

    i told them i have nothing to do with it .. they told me you are not Graduate until done this work

    anyway thanks you all for help me
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    I said it at the start
    and I will say it again

    This is a great way for some untrained person to get electrocuted and may also others using equip powered by this panel
    because some one who doesnt know what they are doing has played with the panell!!

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    Thread locked as dangerous.
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