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Electric field of a dipole

  1. Nov 22, 2006 #1
    Griffiths problem 4.11 page 170
    A short cylinder of radius a and lenght L carries a frozen in uniform polarization P parallel to its axis. Find the bound charge and sketch theelectric field for
    L>> a
    L approximately equal to a

    well i have no problem finding the bound charge but the electricfield.. would in eed to find an explicit expression or just sketch it qualitatively??

    Suppoose L << a then it look a dipole doesnt it and the field falls off like 1/r^3
    suppose L >> a then it looks like an infinite rod and the electric field falls off like 1/r

    but For L approx equal to a im stumped...

    please help!

    than kyou for all teh advice!
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