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Electric Field Projectile Motion

  1. Sep 24, 2005 #1
    At what angle will the electrons leave the uniform electric field at the end of the parallel plates? Assume the plates are 5.4 cm long and E = 5.0 x 10^3 N/C. Ignore fringing of the field. (counterclockwise from the x axis is positive)

    I know the horizontal position is given by x=V0*t and
    y= -((e*E)/(2*m*V0^2))(x^2) where e is charge of the electron and x is the horizontal position...

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    ..relates to the slope of the tangent to their trajectory. [That was a hint.]
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    1. Direction in which it leaves is same as that of velocity at the point.

    2. Velocity parallel to the plates will remain same.

    3. Velocity perpendicular to the plates can be calculated using force of energy conservation.
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