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Homework Help: Electric field question

  1. Feb 6, 2005 #1
    A proton accelerates from rest in a unifor electric field of 640 N/C. At some later time, its speed is 1.20X10^6m/s. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the proton.

    Hmm.. not sure what formula to use on this one.. can someone help?
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    You can use the formulae:

    [tex]F_{net} = ma[/tex]

    [tex] E = \frac{F}{q}[/tex]
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    hmm im lookin for a right? so what am i suppose to plug in for m and q?
    im confused..
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    m = the mass of a proton
    q = the charge of a proton
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    yeah i got that but its not given in the problem..
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    Don't you have a data sheet in your book. If not, I can give the values to you.
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    hmm.. is it m=1.67x10^-27? what is q?
  9. Feb 6, 2005 #8
    Yes, and q is [tex] 1.60 \times 10^{-19}C[/tex]
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    ok thanks a lot!! i reallly appreciate it :-D
  11. Feb 6, 2005 #10
    glad i could help :cool:
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