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I Electric field screening

  1. Sep 22, 2016 #1
    Can anyone explain in simple terms what the term screening means? My intuition is that a metal is a good screener because in the presence of an external electric field its free electrons will rearrange themselves such that the electric field is zero inside the metal.
    But I am having a hard time coupling my intuition to something my teacher said the other day. He said that the screening properties are related to the permitivity of the material and that ε=∞ is a perfect screener. Can anyone help me draw the connection?
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    bear in mind that ##\epsilon## is in the denominator in the expression for the electric field strength ....
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    Hey man I think you mean to say "shielding effect" !!
    Not screening
    Or both might be same !!
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    U might be knowing that a dielectric with relative permittivity e when kept in an electric field E develops an electric field E/e inside it
    So for metals e = infinite
    If not we should have electric currents flowing inside the metal ! But doesn't happen right ??!
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