Electric field simulator

  1. Hello, could anyone please point me out a good software/simulation program in which I could make 3d or 2d , better both objects and then apply potential to them and simulate electric field lines and see the directions to which the field is more intense etc etc.
    Just some nice simulation software which would help me visualize certain objects with certain shapes and how the field develops around them once charged.
    I need to see how it affects charged particles near those objects.
    I did some google search but had no luck with a software that would suit my needs.
    Maybe someone can point me in a right direction from their experience.
    Thank you.
    Happy New Year.
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  4. Thanks for the reply , well I needed more of a pc based software that I could run and draw some physical objects and then bring them close to other geometries and see how the field of those objects interact if you know what I mean ?
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