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Electric field stength

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I have tried this question... But I cant seem to get the answer right... I get about 27.85cm... But I think this value is incorrect...

Can someone try this, and tell me what they got/how they did it?

Two particles are fixed to an x axis: particle 1 of charge q1 = 2.20 x 10-8 C at x = 27.5 cm and particle 2 of charge q2 = -5.66q1 at x = 54.0 cm. At what coordinate on the x axis is the electric field produced by the particles equal to zero?



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For the field to be zero, both intensities must be identical (they are of opposite sign). Write this equality. Simplify and extract the square root! You will have a simple first degree equation. I obtain a result between -50 and -40 cm.
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Show us your working and we can check it for you.

If one is attractive and the other repulsive that means that the coordinate cannot be between the particles. Sice your answer is, you should realise it soen't make sense.