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Homework Help: Electric field strength due to two point charges

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    Given are two charges +1 X 10^-6 and one 3 X 10 ^ -6 distnace of 10 cm apart

    I know there is a poitn in between these two and it is 4 cm from the 1.0 X 10^-6 charge

    But i am asked to plot the elctric field strength as a function
    if the elctric field is pointing right, then positive, otherwise if poitning left, then negative

    Let what happens on the outside of these two charges be, i can figure that on my own

    But what happen in the middle

    Point at 4 cm and rises after??

    (+)------------- (+)

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    3.66 cm, you mean? (It is not 4.00 cm for sure so I assume you rounded off)

    I hope you only have to roughly sketch the result because it's not a simple function to draw at all. But it starts at + infinity near the left charge, decreases sharply, crosses into the negative values as you pass the 3.66 cm mark (assuming the left charge is the 1 microcoulomb), goes down and approaches -infinity near the right charge.

    Unfortunately, I have to leave (it's midnight here and I am still in my office. And I am teaching tomorrow at 8h30!).

    Good luck with your questions!

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