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Homework Help: Electric field triangle

  1. Oct 26, 2015 #1

    I'm trying to solve this exercize :

    I/3 charges Q, positives, are at the corner of an equilateral triangle of centre O, in (x,O,y) . We want to compute the electric field created by the 3 charges on the axis z, passing by O and perpendicular at (x,O,y), thus computing the electric field E(M) in each M point of (Oz), located at an height z above O. We have OA=OB=OC.


    II/ 1) Describe the symmetry plane passing by each point M, located on the axis z. Tell the sense of direction of E(M) in each point of z.

    As the point M is on axis z above A, I would say (Oz) is the only symmetry plane and the electric field is from A to the low triangle.

    2) By a similar way, deduce the value of the electric field at the centre O

    As the three charges are positives the vectorial sum of the 3 electric fields at point O would give an electric field whose value is O, but how could we deduce it by symmetry ?

    3) Why would we have the electric field norm on the axis z created by the three charges reached a maximum at a unique height above O ?

    I do not see how to answer this one.

    Thank you very much
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    Hello Various (!?) , welcome to PF :smile: !

    Oz is a line, not a plane !

    If you have brought 1) to a good conclusion, this one will be easier. There is one more symmetry plane for O

    Again, this will be easier once we have 1) and 2).
  4. Oct 26, 2015 #3
    thanks for your answer,

    indeed the only symmetry plane would be (ux,uz) but how could we deduve the sense according to this plane ?
  5. Oct 26, 2015 #4


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    Well, if, with (ux,uz) you mean the x-z plane, I don't agree !
    Applying this 'symmetry' would flip the picture upside down and then it isn't the same as the original !
  6. Oct 26, 2015 #5
    I mean the plane which splits in two the triangle from bottom to top vertically but I do not know how to write it, until now I was doing electric field in 3D with cylindric or spheric so it was also the same planes, here we have a triangle so I would say if we take cylindric coordinate (r; theta, z) the plane (r,z) splits vertically the triangle and it is the same
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    Are you certain that you have a equilateral triangle?

    Maybe I'm having a brain cramp, but it doesn't seem to have three sides of equal length.
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