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Electric Field

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    Would this work?

    Find the electric fields a pont A & B. Then add the two fields ??? Or would you subtract the two fields ???

    Use the formula [tex]{E} = k\frac{Q}{r^2}[/tex]

    Is the field on point A & B going left or right?

    By Reasoning does the electric field at A have to be bigger that B, since A is further away, Or should B be bigger that A , or is there no way of telling, just by looking at the question
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    In reply to the first part of your question, electric field is a vector quantity. You need to think what is the direction the field due to each charge. Try drawing it.

    As one is +ve and the other -ve, both would move a positive charge in the same direction, so you add the values.

    You say "Find the electric fields a pont A & B.". Actually you should find the value of the electric fields AT C due to A and at C due to B.
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