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Homework Help: Electric field?

  1. Feb 25, 2005 #1
    can anybody explain how to find electric field? :confused: my math isn't working out for me and i keep getting my answers wrong.

    A moving rod is 13.2 cm long and generates an emf of 120 mV while moving in a 0.97 T magnetic field.

    What is the electric field in the rod?

    thanks :cool:
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    Your question isn't very clear.
    How is the rod oriented in its motion? What direction is the magnetic field?
    Maybe you should rewrite the question exactly as it is written and either include a diagram, or give a clear description of whats happening.
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    voltage equals to electric field times displacement

    the magnetic field is irrelevant here
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    Your right vincentchan.
    I was thinking that the rod might have some width, in which it would matter how the rod was moving wrt to the magnetic field. But I guess since none is given the rod is assumed to have no width so the distance is not ambiguous.
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