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Homework Help: Electric Field

  1. Oct 26, 2005 #1
    I am posed with a question, there are two charges, both positive, and two neutral points.

    I am asked to compare the electric field strengths at the two points.

    Here is a pictorial representation:

    [tex]\bigoplus[/tex]------->[tex]\bullet 1[/tex]<-------[tex]\bigoplus\bigoplus\bigoplus[/tex]------->[tex]\bullet 2[/tex]

    The three +s in a row represent one big positive charge.

    So I drew my electric field lines (represented by the arrows), and now I have to analyze whether the field strengths at the two points are different, or equal.

    At first I thought that 1 > 2, since 1 has respectively four positive charges at it, while 2 only has three positive charges.
    However, then I thought:
    In the case of 1, the two electric fields will repel each other, and then there will no ( ? ) field lines around 1, in which case 2 > 1.

    But I don't have much proof to back up my answer, and my textbook doesn't explain this in great detail (neither did my teacher). Any suggestions on how to compare electric field strengths?

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    If the two points are of equal distance to the big charge then the field at point 2 will be bigger, here's why:
    the total field at point 1 is (k/r^2)*3q - (k/r^2)*q = (k/r^2)*2q the (-) is to show that they are in oppisite directions
    the total field at point 2 is (k/r^2)*3q + (k/9r^2)*q = (k/r^2)*3.111q
    anyway in point 1 the small charge takes away from the big one, at point 2 it adds to it.
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