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Homework Help: Electric Fields Problem

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    A 40 Micro Coluomb test charge is placed in an electric feild produced by a 5 Coloumb charge. It expierences a 6 newton force. What is the strength of the electric feild at this point? If the test charge has a mass of 3 x 10 ^ -20 Kg, what acceleration does it expierence?

    I Think I could use the 6 newton force and divide it by the first force 5 Coloumbs to get the electric feild, and then on from their I could use a force table get the acceleration, but I am not exactly positive how to set up the Free body diagram and force table for this.

    I'm Just stuck on how to find the acceleration really
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    1. How is force on a charge related to the electric field in which this charge finds itself?
    2. 5 coulombs is a charge not a force
    3. Assuming that you know the force on the charge and the mass of the charge. What does Newton's Second Law say about the acceleration?
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    oh you can use F=ma to figure out the acceleration thanks :-) also, how would you know where the first charge the 5 coluombs was in relation the the test charge?
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    You can find the distance (if you really wanted to) with the definition of electric force, F - (kq1q2)/d2. You know F and the charges, and k's a constant. And distance can't be negative, so you don't have to worry about that when evaluating the square root ;)

    (hello classmate! See, I TOLD you I'd get on here!)
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