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Homework Help: Electric Flux and dipoles

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    I have a figure showing two dipoles each having a Q and -Q charge with distance d separating the positive and negative of each dipole. The dipoles are then surrounded by multiple closed surfaces. I need to match fluxes of 8pikQ, 4pikQ, -8pikQ, - 4pikQ and 0 to these surfaces.

    Gauss' Law states that flux=Eda=4(pi)kq for any closed surface

    Since I have dipoles, my electric fields will be pulled toward the negative charge. THerefore, surfaces with negative charges in them should have a negative flux b/c the field points to the interior of the closed surface while my surfaces encompassing positive charges should have positive flux b/c the field points to the exterior of the surface. So, since each surface has a flux of 4pikq wouldn't the flux just keep adding up as the vector went through each additional surface?

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    Could you post the figure?
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