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Homework Help: Electric force in simple atom

  1. Mar 15, 2009 #1
    a simple atom is comprised of one electron and one proton, with a distance of R=0.5*10-10m between them

    1) what is the electric force between them

    F=K(qq)/r2 = 28.8N

    2)how much smaller than the electric force is:
    a) the gravitational force of the electron
    b) the gravitational force of the proton

    are the 2 gravitational forces not the same? is the force not equal to G(mpme)/R2 for both of them?
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    Doc Al

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    Better double check your arithmetic. 28.8N is huge (for atomic particles).

    This is worded strangely. Perhaps they meant the gravitational force on the particles.

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