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Electric Generators

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    My EM professor assigned me to make a paper about Electric Generators. But i have no idea how it works. Googling it, i found out that generators are similiar to electric motors

    So, i'd like to know a college level introductory book about electric generators that may help me understand and simulate stuff regarding electric generators.

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    Electric Machines by Hubert:


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    Welcome to PF, Tom.
    Please believe me when I say that I mean no offense by this, but your question sort of makes me wonder whether or not I'm still on the same planet that I was born on. We built electric motors in grade 6. (Really small ones, mind you... nothing that you could run a factory with.) A DC motor becomes a generator when the output shaft is turned by an external influence such as a waterwheel.
    The "Beakman's World" comic strip has shown how to make them a couple of times.
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    stewartcs, thanks for the indication!

    Danger, thanks for the welcome! electric machines isn't just my area, so i'm a completely noob.
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    No worries, Mate. I'm in the same boat, but my poisons are math and electronics. All that I know about them is that they are unpleasant, so I choose to avoid them.
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