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Electric grippers

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    Hi all, i need to create an electric gripper, the speed of the greep need to be about 2ms. So i tought to use a solenoid that can be real fast, but i found only hydraulic solenoid(and i can't find force that they can generate in datasheets) or big and heavy solenoids(too much for my project). The greep don't need to be real strong but i really need to contain the price. The displacement of the gripper need to be at least 1cm per part(so the solenoid need to do a minimum 1cm movement). Any ideas? about a better gripper or where to find parts(the name of parts)?

    I will really appreciate any help!

    I tought something like this: (sorry for bad drawings)



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    Welcome to the PF.

    Moving something 1cm in 2 milliseconds is pretty fast! One option would be to use a strong spring to do the fast closure, and use a solenoid or screw mechanism to open it back up again to "cock it" for the next closure.
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    Thank you!

    Yes, sorry, i wrong to type. It's 20ms.
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    Have you tried looking into high precision electric stepper motors?
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    I tought about it, but I'll need Stepper motor + Electronics that will cost a lot, consider that I need to make 4 or 5 of this arms and each arm have 2 gripper, the price will be soo high.
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