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B Electric induction?

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    recently really got myself wet in the subject of electricity and magnets. done a couple of homework and it seems that everyone utilizes magnets and batteries to project the object through the coils center to induce energy, but i'm wondering why is that? i guess the answer i'm looking for is does any regular old material work, for ex. a simple iron or steel object, being projected through the coil to induce energy, does it work that way or does it really have to be magnets/batteries? if not, is there any other possible way? i heard of electrical coating... but that's too much of a far reach.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    The key concept here is Faraday's Law of Induction:


    The voltage ("EMF") induced in the coil is related to the *change* of the magnetic field piercing the plane of the coil.
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    Hi magman64!

    If you're looking to learn more, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend grabbing a textbook on Electromagnetism and working through it as best you can. Some textbooks on electronic circuits also cover this area, since induction is an integral part of modern electronic technology. You can find used textbooks on amazon that sale for a couple of dollars. Less than the shipping price!
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