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Electric Kart project (need helps)

  1. Mar 10, 2008 #1
    i need your help with my project
    i want to build up an electric go kart
    i got the dc motor from an old treadmill
    that its 1.5 hp series 3000
    and maximum voltage up to 180 vdc thats mean i need 7 amp for the motor

    how many input Battries do i Need?
    And how can i get 180 vdc
    how can i controll the speed for this dc motor ?

    i need now to find a dc to dc converter a buck- boost converter
    to step up the voltage
    (how to build it or where can i buy it?)
    to get a (12 or 24 or 36 or 48 vdc or more .... ) input battries
    to convert it to 180vdc

    i need a dc motor controller but i dunno where to get this stuff ?
    and how can i start to design it ?
    and what Type of controller i need ?
    do you have another good suggetions?
    if you have sites that can help me
    or any good ideas that may solve my problems
    or schematic for this circuits for the buck boost or the controller
    plez help me i need to do this project
    i will be waitin for your replies
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    i think there is a way to tune the booster to change is output voltage as you want
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    Hi engjay welcome to PF.

    First, that is a lethal combination of voltage and power.
    If you make a mistake you're going to burn -- literally.

    It's also going to be hugely expensive.
    To run your cart for an hour will cost about $1600.00 US in suitable batteries.
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    I would like to help a little, but like NoTime says, these are serious voltages, and quite dangerous.
    What kind of qualifications do you have? whats your budget? and what time frame are you working in?

    I have put together a system almost like you're describing, only mine powered a Delta 2HP planer motor, driving a 10KW generator head. (just an experiment)

    My guess is your treadmill motor has a RPM rating of close to 7,000? will you be using a centrifugal clutch?

  6. Mar 20, 2008 #5
    7 amps output will be way too much current for an inductive converter for a cart.

    Say you have 24V of battery. At 1.5HP out, that's about 100 amps peak the inductor has to handle without saturating and burning up things. It will be like, really large. With 12 volts, it's double.

    You could still build a chopper, but I don't expect it would be favorable either and it's a design-your-own problem.

    Sorry, but you should start with the right motor for your application. Lower voltage. Higher current. The motor's Kv rating will tell you how many RPM you get out of your motor for each volt across it.
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