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Electric motor help

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    im working on my dryer motor. its just an electric motor. i turn it on and it seems like the whole motor box is trying to turn instead of just the gear like its stuck or something. does anyone have clue. thanks.
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    I've never actually messed with a dryer before, but there are only so many moving parts to a motor/gearbox combo.

    First of all, are you certain it is a gear box, and not a pulley system? It sounds like a bearing has seized up somewhere, preventing the system from turning.

    Your best bet to truly find out what is going on would be to remove the entire motor assembly. Inspect any moving parts (pulleys, and what not). Look for metal shavings.

    Once you removed the motor, try to spin the dryer portion by hand. If this spins, it is somewhere in the power train (gearbox or pulleys, which ever.)

    Once you remove the motor, hook power back up to it carefully, and see if you can get it to spin without being installed. You can probably use a car battery to safely test it. (maybe not though, I'm not sure of power requirements and what not).

    In short, you'd be better off to pick up a news paper and find a good deal on a new dryer.

    And be patient, things don't get answered instantly. Someone smarter then me will eventually set you on the correct path. Don't go making other threads on the same topic :)
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