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Electric Motor Specification

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    Ive been working on the design of an electric low mass vehicle. I have some requirements for the motor and was wondering if anyone knows anywhere i can find the specification of a motor that can meet the requirements?

    The specs are;

    1 forwward gear, Final drive ratio for diff = 3.9:1

    Max torque = 110 Nm @ range 0ish-3000 Rpm
    Max Power = 46 kW (62 Bhp) @ 5000 Rpm

    Obviously the torque and power requirements are low and im sure a lot of motors can supply this but i want one to match these requirements closely to keep mass down (along with battery mass).
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    Take a look here:

    http://electronic-components.globalspec.com/ProductFinder/Electrical_Electronic_Components/Motors [Broken]

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