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Electric Networks, hard?

  1. Aug 12, 2006 #1
    This is my 1st semester in 2nd year course, sounds to hard and I do worry.
    Did anyone study something like this description.

    ELE 302 Electric Networks Three phase circuits- 3-phase voltages, Y and delta-connections, balanced three-phase systems, power calculations, two-wattmeter power measurement; frequency response- Bode plots, resonant circuits, frequency response of OPAMP circuits; Laplace transform applications- initial and final value theorems, solution of differential equations, transfer function and impedance, convolution theorem; Fourier series- exponential form, Fourier spectrum, circuits and Fourier series; filter circuits- second- and high-order filters, pole-zero plots and the s-plane, distortion in filter circuits; two port networks- equations of two-port networks, hybrid and transmission parameters, interconnection of two-port networks; computer aided circuit analyses of all the above topics.
    Lect: 5 hrs./Lab: 3 hrs.
    Prerequisite: All required first year courses.
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    It looks like a pretty standard circuits course. Have you had diff eq. yet? I should have, if you're taking circuits.
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    leright, thank you very much. diff.eq is a corequisite and I will take it the same time with this course. I know it would be much better if I took it already. Thanks
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