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Electric, non magnetic motor?

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    Can anyone explain how this electric motor works?

    The spinning wheel is parallel to the magnetic field lines produced by the current through the shaft so what exactly drives this?
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    I've read the wiki article (link) From what I've understood, you first need to roll the wheel in the direction you want. When the current flows through it, the balls get warmer and get asymmetrically deformed which causes it to move. It also says that it has no practical usage because of its insignificantly low efficiency.
    (I think the german article was more understandable. And in the english article it says the effect can also be explained without the thermal effects.)
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    yes you do, as was done in the video

    if that is correct ... it's a reason I would have never have thought of

    Quite an interesting demo, it got up to a really high RPM !

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